This plant is known under several names! Ceropegia Woodii, String of Hearts Orange River also known as Rosary Vine! *** Our current delivery is particularly pink!!


Semi succulent - wait for the soil to dry out in between the waterings or when the leaves 'flop' a little. Water them and they plump up again! We recommend placing String of Hearts Orange River in direct or indirect sun.


Just like the Varigated String of Hearts turn pink, Orange Rivers turn beautiful sunset orange! In general, pink/orange coloration in plants, is like our tan! They come out with increased sun exposure. Please note that even the brightest plants will dim their colouring or even revert to permanent green if they are not given enough sunlight. This is also why we receive and stock pinker/whiter plants during the summer months and greener during winter! All String of Hearts/


Ceropegia family is pet safe :)

String of Hearts Orange River

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    8cm pot

    30cm long