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General Plant Care

Hearing years ago 'All plants have different needs' made me feel really intimidated and a bit apprehensive about getting more plants.

Now, nearly 10 years or my adult life and roughly 150 plants later I disagree.

All plants need the same thing: light and water. Everything else is secondary. Yes indeed you can factor in misting and fertilizing but I really believe you can 'keep' plants happy just with those two. If you want to 'grow' them in terms of getting them bigger, yes, having optimum conditions help but it's still not rocket science (trust me on that, my boyfriend is a scientist!).




Light wise, we can divide light in 4 categories, direct sun, bright indirect sun, partial shade and full shade. 95% of plants will thrive in the middle two - bright indirect and semi shade. Think of it like good old vanilla ice cream, everyone likes the classic taste, the more extreme  flavors require more of a connoisseur. 

If you put as plant just by the window, most likely it will experience some direct sun. Succulent and Cacti will love you for it so I'd recommend to position them first.

Nearly all plants will be happy to sit 2-3 feet from a window as usually it will give them either bright indirect or semi shaded sun.

Some plants will do just fine in a far corner of a room (Sansivierias, Peace Lillys or like our Zamioculas Zamiifolia), but check it first.


When watering my too-many-plants-in-my-1-bed-apartment, I divide them in 4 categories also.

Vast majority of my plants will be happy on a weekly generous watering. Some more fragile ones, like Ferns, Caladiums, Cyprus/Papyrus family need bi weekly watering but because I'm lazy I usually plug them to hydrospikes and just top up weekly with the rest! (Hydrospikes available in the shop:)

Last category are airplants - spray them with water twice a week during summer and once during winter et voila! :) Note: do not bathe the airplants like many websites recommend you to do. Based on my experience of loosing too many I'm willing to admit, all this leads to is black root rot but as long as you only spray don't worry about it.


Hydrospikes are small ceramic spikes that connect your plant via tube to a water container like a bottle. It works on cappilary effect so the more your plant drinks the more it gets! I love them dearly and have dozens of them scattered around as I have an unfathomable love for fragile and dramatic plants that then I am too lazy to care for. Click here to shop and learn about how to set them up.


All the websites I research plants for always have me different frequencies how often to fertilize and with what. As I am not yet on the level of spreadsheeting needs of my individual plants and setting up calendar invites, for the past few years I adopted one for all, all for one strategy.

It goes as follows: buy an all purpose fertilizer and follow the instructions! The end.

I personally always loose track how many weeks ago I fertilized so I use a weak formula every week (like Baby Bio Plant Food, or diluted Miracle Grow).

No matter what formula you use, they will always advise to fertilize during growth period which is Spring to early Autumn.


Hope that you will find this helpful and your plants will thrive just as mine do! :)